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As part of any sale of land, or subdivision of a property, your solicitor will
specify that you require an original Land Registry Compliant legal map.

Bell Associates can prepares these maps for you, sometimes in conjunction with a
measured survey, with the proposed area highlighted, including area calculation.

Some properties may not have been previously registered, and may have to go
through a process called First Registration - click here for technical data from PRAI

Please click here to see a sample of a:

 single storey registration  |  multi storey registration

Please click here to see if your property has been previously registered with
The Land Registry Office -

click the guest button on the landing page, accept the terms and
conditions, then click on the search option in feint grey menu at the right
hand side of the page.

Select the street or townland from the search menu box, then type in your address.

If your site or property is not outlined in red, it has not been registered
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Land Registry Compliant
Maps from €200
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